The Family Business

The journey of FORMA
begins in


in Greece, along with the youthful
dreams of its founder, Agis Zografos

Passionate sea lovers

All the Zografos family members have always been passionate sea lovers.

The grandfather was a brave swimmer and he made sure to transmit the love of the sea to all his 6 children. In the 1930’s, Agi’s father, Fotis, was a Greek swimming champion of backstroke. He also became captain of the Greek National Water Polo team, in which 2 of his brothers were also players.

Agis Zografos, second in line of Foti’s four sons and a water polo player himself, pursued electrical engineering studies in Switzerland and went on to obtain his MBA in London, UK.


With a strong vision and determination, after completing his Greek army obligations, Agis Zografos decided to set up a small manufacturing workshop in a family owned warehouse in Athens, Greece and began to manufacture folding furniture made of aluminium tubes.

A few months later his brother Alexandros decided to join him and help in the production process of the business..

After a generous amount of hardships and obstacles were overcome, the first samples of yacht furniture were produced in 1980. Gradually, production increased, and the first 2 workers were hired. On many occasions, family and friends were called in to give a helping hand in production..

As the company steadily grew, its clientele expanded internationally. In 1980, the ‘Marathon’ furniture line was launched offering a full set of multicoloured folding chairs and many sizes of folding deck tables. A few years after the first steps in the marine business, new models were added. The year 1991 saw the launching on the market of a range of beach furniture named ‘Pacific’. Later, around the year 2000, more model lines were added, namely ‘Astron’ and ‘Synthesis’ ranges. Production of marine furniture was in full swing!

Forma was by now firmly on its feet enjoying steady growth while management was accumulating valuable experience and knowledge in the design and manufacture of marine furniture.

Management was challenged to work side by side with esteemed furniture designers in order to create new models, inspired by its focus on satisfying the market need for sturdy, durable and comfortable handcrafted marine furniture. The ‘VENUS’ collection of chairs with padded fabrics entered the market in 2015, followed by an innovative model called B100, specifically designed for heavier people looking for robust chairs with slightly larger dimensions.

The prosperity of the company was also based on the devoted and loyal employees many of whom were hired at the beginning of their active work life and are still part of the Forma family. Their craftmanship focuses always on quality and values. The company has inspired its workforce to be proud of the products they manufacture and to appreciate the value of manual work performed.

Life can also bring unexpected events, and so in 2006, a fire that broke out in the company’s factory burnt it down overnight.

All the machinery, the stock and the raw materials were completely destroyed, together with any hope of the company surviving the imminent catastrophe and bankruptcy.

It turns out that this tragic event proved to be an incentive; all the energy and determination of the management was mobilized and the decision not to give up, but to start all over again, leaving aside all the difficulties.

A new space was found and rented within a few days. Production was set up with bare means and the project was under way again. Many family-owned properties were liquidated to help finance the new start. Within a record time of 2 years, production reached a very satisfactory level, and sales picked up impressively.


In the mid 2010 decade, in order to keep up with the contemporary challenges and trends and after a lifelong dedication to the production of marine furniture, Agis Zografos decided to step aside from the front line. Allowing for fresh and younger employees to continue the business, management recently changed hands; Agis handed over the company shares to his younger wife Olga who has been running the financial books of the firm for many years. His eldest daughter Daphne, an architect and designer, recently joined the company part-time, adding even more new views to the business.

Agis remains very actively involved, overlooking the manufacturing side of the business as well as the managerial side.
He is also continuing his lifelong commitment to pursue his family traditional relationship with the sea and the element of water; Agis regularly trains and participates in Open Water Swimming competitions in which he usually finishes within the first places. He is often eagerly supported in his swimming skills by his wife Olga and his daughters Daphne and Artemis.

The year 2019
marked the
40-year anniversary
of FORMA Marine

and the company is proud of offering over 100 top quality products
which can be found in 25 countries spread around the world.

forma marine logo

The year 2023

marks the focus on   awareness of the severe climate change  and its catastrophic effects on our planet. The need for active involvement is imperative in trying to save earth. We in FORMA MARINE are very committed in participating in this direction and have already set up targets. We undergo studies to use environmentally friendly raw materialsin our production process as well as in all our daily operations.

Our products will gradually become even more durable and elegant.

The company goal is to
offer products that will be
80% recyclable

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