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  • Protective Waterproof Bag for Forma Marine Table M600T Article CM600TB
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  • Protective Waterproof Bag for Forma Marine Table M600T Article CM600TB
  • Protective Waterproof Bag for Forma Marine Table M600T Article CM600TB


Protective Waterproof Bag for Forma Marine Table M600T Article CM600TB




Protective Zip-On Waterproof Bag for 1 Folding Table M600T-CM600TB

Bag for FORMA MARINE teak table model M600T

Product Dimensions
Height (cm): 44
Lenght (cm):87
Width (cm): 7
Packing Info
Gross weight (Kgr): 0.700
Net weight (Kgr): 0.550
Packing size (cm): 34 x 30 x 7
Pieces per box: 1
Volume/Piece (m3): 0.011

In order to extend the life of Forma Products is to ensure these undergo proper, thorough and regular maintenance and cleaning. The aluminum tube can be washed with soft water or using a small quantity of mild soap powder. Remove all the stains on the tubes by using a dry cloth. We also recommend that an appropriate shining product for aluminum be applied twice yearly. Wipe off stains or dirt as soon as these occur, this will help stain removal become easier and faster. Do not use chlorine based cleaners.

The fabrics can be removed and washed. Replacement fabrics and spare parts are also available. Regularly treat the teak armrests using standard teak oil, this will help protect and restore the wood. Furthermore, proper storage in a dry location is essential for maintaining the furniture away from the very strong fading effects of sunlight, from rain exposure and from the sea environment. Dressed vinyl and polyester chairs in particular must be stored in a dry location in order to avoid the formation of mildew. Protective zip-on waterproof bags for two folding chairs are available.                                  

  • Drip and Dry 
  • Stain resistance 
  • Nap worthiness
  • Tested by thousands happy customers 
  • Amazon rating  *****

Durability is a key factor for Forma and its effort for a positive impact on the environment. As a result, our long lasting products minimize the environmental impact, as less waste is generated and less resources are consumed. Forma’s products are carefully designed and elaborated resulting in a sturdy construction allowing for many years of use. It is crucial for us to maintain that balance for a sustainable future.
Forma looks at the complete lifecycle of the products it develops, including:


  • The choice of materials, the origin, and their durability,   
  • The energy required for extraction, transportation, manufacture, always with a strong drive for renewable sources,
  • The possibility to dismantle the products at the end of the product lifecycle and recover the materials that can be reused.

Forma products are 60% recyclable.

why forma marine

Forma specializes in Handcrafting Durable Marine Chairs and Tables designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. It delivers unsurpassed quality products, tested by thousands of satisfied owners and receiving 5* ratings. Forma products are manufactured in the European Union since 1979

Forma Marine Advisor  |Facts to consider before choosing a boat chair

There are many available chair options to choose from. Before you begin your research, we advise you to consider your specific needs and to determine what it is that you expect from the purchase you intend to do.

* Think of who will be using the chairs. Which are the persons that will most often use them;

* Think of each person's body type separately. Study whether some might have specific needs such as:

-back pain (need for a chair that supports the back for lower back issues)

-overweight (need a heavy duty type chair)

-very tall person (need for a larger type chair)

-elderly person

* Study the available space on your boat. How many chairs can fit and what is the size of the table.

* Think of your particular lifestyle onboard, your habits, what suit you best for dining.

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